WordPress 6.4 update
At Cup O Code, we’re committed to pioneering innovative web development solutions. The release of WordPress… Continue Reading WordPress 6.4 – Don’t Call Me Shirley
Should You Trust AI to Write Your Content?
In today’s digital landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) plays a prominent role in content generation. While AI… Continue Reading Should You Trust AI to Write Your Content?
dark bard
Artificial Intelligence has come a long way, offering innovative solutions in various domains. However, not all… Continue Reading Dark Bard: The Sinister Side of Artificial Intelligence
email security banner
In this digital age at Cup O Code, we liken the robust trifecta of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC to the city's robust security system - with each playing a unique, critical role in safeguarding your email communications. So, let's brew some knowledge and decode these jargon-filled acronyms. Continue Reading SPF, DKIM, and DMARC Records: Mastering the Holy Trinity of Email Authentication
In recent times, artificial intelligence has made significant strides in conversational abilities. Large Language Models (LLMs)… Continue Reading Unleashing the Power of Large Language Models: Transforming Conversational AI
Threads is a new app released by Instagram that serves as a text-based conversation platform, allowing… Continue Reading Threads: Instagram’s Text-Based Conversation App
New Features, Bug Fixes, and Performance Apple recently released the second beta of iOS 17, just… Continue Reading Exploring iOS 17 Beta 2
Business planning
Adaptability is essential: The business world is constantly changing, and businesses that fail to adapt risk becoming irrelevant. Stay agile and be prepared to pivot your strategy if necessary to stay ahead of the competition. Continue Reading Thriving Amid Change: The Power of Adaptability in Business
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