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A quick tip to keep your desktop productive and organized.

*This is demonstrated on a Mac, your final setup may differ.

To better stay organized, we created an organizational and productivity desktop wallpaper that adapts to our workflow.

The top left has a “core files” folder. Important things that don’t move. in our case, it’s our general company desktop folder and a folder we hold “in progress” projects in.

The left bottom is a section blocked off for things that we just need to wrap up or file away we call the “to finish”. The center is our “working” section for any files we’re in the middle of working with.

The right is the “downloads/temp” section which is for temporary files on the desktop and also where downloading to the desktop puts the files by default.

We then can work from right to left, moving the files as we go. We may have some photos we’re ready to edit dump into the “downloads/temp” section. As we work on them, we move them into the working section. Once we’re complete, we move them into the “to finish” where they’re ready for social media posting or just saving to an external hard drive.

We also utilize three separate desktops for our workflow. Each desktop wallpaper is numbered so we know visually which desktop we’re on. We can then have music or entertainment playing on the third desktop, do our work on the second desktop, and browse the web on our main desktop.

This workflow may not be ideal for everyone, but it definitely helps us stay organized and productive.

Click the DOWNLOAD button to download the 3 desktop wallpaper set.


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