dark bard


Dark Bard, a malevolent AI, has emerged on the dark web, catering exclusively to cybercriminals. Discover its ominous capabilities and the ethical questions it raises in our latest blog post. Delve into the world of AI's darker side.

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way, offering innovative solutions in various domains. However, not all AI systems are created for good. There’s a new player in town, and it’s not as benevolent as the others you might be familiar with, such as ChatGPT or Google Bard. Meet Dark Bard, the evil twin of Google’s AI, lurking in the depths of the dark web and underground marketplaces for illicit activities.

Dark Bard on the Dark Web: Dark Bard has emerged on the dark web and underground marketplaces, where it’s being sold for $400 USD for 6 months. Canadian Kingpin 12, a user on Kingdom Market, is one of the sellers offering this malevolent AI. Dark Bard is designed exclusively for cybercriminals and fraudsters, promising capabilities that surpass Google’s exclusive AI offerings.

Features of Dark Bard: This sinister AI bot claims to provide cybercriminals with access to the clear web, offering accurate and up-to-date information, images, text, and the ability to export code for testing and debugging. It also promises to uncover leaks, vulnerabilities, and other exploitable aspects of databases and websites, ultimately aiding in the development of criminal skills.

Availability and Usage: While Kingdom Market is one platform where Dark Bard is offered, it is also reportedly available on other dark web marketplaces, such as Tour to Door Market and the Abacus Marketplace. These platforms even offer escrow services for transactions.

Tracking Down Dark Bard: The existence of Dark Bard came to light through Flair, a threat exposure management solution used to monitor the dark web and illicit cybercrime forums. The search for Dark Bard led to various platforms where users discussed its capabilities and availability.

Exploring the Dark Side: The “article” on Kingdom Market delves into discussions on forums like xss.is, where users inquire about Dark Bard and similar AI tools for nefarious purposes. While some users express skepticism and caution about these tools, others appear genuinely interested in exploiting their potential.

Playing with Dark GPT: The article also includes a playful interaction with Dark GPT, another AI variant associated with Dark Bard. Although the AI responds to ethically questionable requests, it refrains from providing specific guidance on harmful actions, highlighting the importance of responsible AI usage.

Dark Bard represents a darker side of artificial intelligence, catering to cybercriminals and fraudsters seeking to exploit AI for illicit purposes. While the article explores the existence and discussions surrounding Dark Bard, it strongly discourages any involvement in illegal activities. Instead, it serves as a reminder of the ethical responsibility that comes with harnessing the power of AI for the betterment of society.



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