project gingerbread


Discover Adobe's groundbreaking AI tool, Project Gingerbread, combining 3D modeling and text prompts for precise media generation. Unleash unprecedented control and revolutionize your design workflow.

In the realm of generative AI, Adobe has taken a monumental leap with Project Gingerbread. By integrating 3D modeling and interactive text prompts, this breakthrough AI tool offers unparalleled precision in media generation. While other models from Google and Microsoft lack control, Gingerbread empowers designers with five amazing features:

  1. User-created 3D Scene Presets: Say goodbye to random composition! Gingerbread allows designers to layer images on custom 3D scene defaults, providing dynamic control.
  2. Interactive Text Prompts: By interpreting commands, Gingerbread molds 3D models based on users’ instructions, making AI tools more intuitive and designer-friendly.
  3. Custom 3D Object Support: With support for user-uploaded 3D objects, AI image generation becomes more personalized and less random.
  4. Empowerment for Creators: Gingerbread embraces precision in AI image generation, bridging the gap between research concepts and real-world applications.
  5. Integration into Adobe’s Creative Suite: Gingerbread’s seamless integration into popular Adobe apps signals a game-changing era for AI image generation.

But the AI revolution doesn’t stop there. Princeton University’s Infinigen sets a new benchmark for synthetic data generation. Procedural and photo-realistic, Infinigen’s Blender-based architecture allows for infinite variety in shapes, textures, and scenes. With ground truth labels and open-source initiatives, Infinigen promises more accurate computer vision models and advances in procedural generation.

The future of AI media generation is here, with Project Gingerbread and Infinigen leading the way to new possibilities and boundless creativity.



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