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Leverage the power of social media networks to achieve your marketing and branding goals!

Facebook and Instagram marketing is our specialty! We know how to get your business noticed in the digital world of social media. We will create the text content & visuals and set up ad campaigns to make sure your target audience sees it. Our marketing techniques can target your future customer beyond the standard age, location and interest.

We know how to make your marketing budget go further. Let us show you the difference a professionally set up ad campaign can make. See some customer promo examples in our Portfolio or Contact us today to get started!

Benefits of
social media marketing

With its widespread usage and versatility, social media is one of the most effective channels for marketing your business!
Here are some of the specific benefits of social media marketing:

  • People buy people, not businesses:
    Social media enables you to turn your business into an active participant in your market. Your profile, posts, and interactions with users form an approachable persona that your audience can familiarize and connect with, and come to trust.
  • Drive traffic:
    Between the link in your profile, blog post links in your posts, and your ads, social media is a top channel for increasing traffic to your website where you can start the process of converting visitors into customers.
  • Generate leads and customers:
    Direct your ad’s CTA (Call To Action) right to a website contact form or landing page designed to gather the info you need to take the next step, converting that interest into a sale!
  • Increase brand awareness:
    Social media is a visually driven platform allowing you to build your visual identity across vast audiences and improve brand awareness. Better brand awareness means better results with all your other campaigns.
  • Build relationships:
    These platforms open up both direct and indirect lines of communication with your followers through which you can network, gather feedback, hold discussions, and connect directly with individuals.

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Additional Services

Along with all of the great design, marketing and development services, Cup O Code offers a variety of other services either in house or with our top-tier network of industry professionals!

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